My name's Byte (or Tori, which-ever goes), and I'm a subversive hobbyist digital artist who's heavily inspired by the neo-y2k and frutiger movement of the 2020s and visionary art!My works combine all sorts of internet culture with rebellious themes, 90s-2000s nostalgia, Japanese influences, mysticism, and futurism. Specific inspirations range from the universally-known Yuji Uekawa; RebelTaxi; Hideyuki Takenami; and The Designers Republic; to obscure, underrated artists like Kikita Katsue of Fantasmcore Graphics and PHASH:MA; and null500 of 日本國民 (Nihonkokumin). I do my magic on IbisPaint X on my phone w/ my finger.I was first invested in web design around 2018 thanks to Carrd (the site I currently use as building blocks). However, I wasn't interested in HTML-CSS coding because some aspects feel overwhelming and complicated, so I tend to collect graphics for future purposes from various sites, from the reblogs of Tumblr to the rabbit holes of Neocities.But my perspective changed when I was introduced to sheezy.art from Twitter back in March 2024. I know it's a successor to the original SheezyArt.com, as well as a great alternative to the always-infamous DeviantArt. Currently, I'm still teaching myself how to code, but I'm slowly improving and learning.Aside from web design and drawing, I enjoy graphic design, collecting and listening to music, learning about obscure things such as lost media, and reading wikis! Interests/fandoms are listed below in the form of stamps.



Payment / Requesting

  • Ko-fi + Paypal only!! No refunds!

  • I only accept payments in USD at the moment.

  • All payments are paid upfront.

  • I'd prefer if you give me a description of the commission before paying, but you have 3 days to pay before I turn down the offer. Do not ghost me.

  • If there are outside circumstances preventing you from doing the above, do explain it beforehand.

  • It's best to send me references to your character and/or draw a quick sketch of what you expect your desired commission to look like. It helps me improve my art by a margin!

  • You may not use my art for AI or NFT/crypto-related purposes.

  • You may order at most two artworks of the same character a year. This is to prevent oversaturation.

The Process

  • I will constantly update you on the progress. (Sketch -> Lineart -> Coloring -> Background Design)


  • I reserve the right to use the final piece however I want, but I will always mention the person who commissioned me. Only exception is if the commissioner wants to stay anonymous.

  • Commercial use is not allowed.

  • You can post your commission anywhere, as long as you credit me and don't remove my watermark.


Keep in mind that:

  • My art is slightly evolving over time, so the style may or may not be different from how the sheet looks.

  • If you choose to order a colored commission, everything will be fully rendered.

  • For sketch commissions, you're free to finish/color the original as long as you don't heavily modify it. You can post it anywhere as long as you credit me for the base sketch.

✔️ Will do❔ Maybe❌ Won't do
OCsSome dynamic poses (just send me references)Animals/Furries (sorry orz)
Fanart or OC x Canon (depending on my familiarity of the character)Weapons (as long as they're not overly complex)Any controversial content, whether it'd be bigotry, politics, or certain media such as Vivziepop's works, South Park, or Countryhumans
Humanoid charactersRobots/Mecha (as long as they're not detailed)Heavy NSFW/NSFL (strong gore, explicit sexual content)
Mild NSFW (suggestive themes, partial/artistic nudity, etc.)IRL People (as long as they don't involve any (in)famous figures)Media I choose to no longer associate myself with (FNF and Super Doomspire)


What happens if I'm blacklisted?

Punishments vary depending on the situation.

  • 1-month blacklists include ghosting me (such as failing to submit a payment within 3 days, or failure to respond to any of my DMs). (First-time only)

  • When you get temporarily blacklisted, you can still donate. You just cannot commission me until the duration of your blacklist expires.

  • After the expiration, you will be on a leniency; repeated offenses will result in harsher punishments.

  • Misusing your commission (such as removing my watermark or profiting off of my work), violating your blacklist duration, and "prank/troll commissions" will get you permanently blacklisted, meaning a hardblock on all of my socials.

  • If your name is on the blacklist as a preemptive measure, then you're permanently not allowed to interact. It means you've made me feel extremely uncomfortable.